Compare 3D Printers (Price/Specs)
We have listed the most popular and powerful 3D printers available to date on this page. You will be able to arrange the page by price, model, maker or specifications. You will also be able to view our review and feedback.
Share your 3D Design

If you have created a nice 3D design or model and would like to share it with us and other visitors to this site, please submit it here. If you would like to start creating 3D models, please visit this page List of 3D Software.

Share Your 3D Design Form

If you would like to submit a 3D design, you can upload files in the following formats: .STL, IGES, and GCode or any popular CAD format.

If you prefer emailing us a model that is already printed out, you can send us the picture of the model in any popular image format (jpg, png, gif ...).

Please note that if you send us your design, we might add it to our list of design samples for visitors to see and possibly use or modify.

3D Samples